What is ZeeLeeg?

ZeeLeeg enters the web and Mobile App space as a unique alternative to the fantasy sports gaming that currently saturates the market.

ZeeLeeg   \ z
ēlēg n: the measuring line of greatness.

If asked,  "Who is the greatest Basketball Player of all time?" or "Who was the greatest quarterback to ever play?" Only a few names would enter the conversation, and one name would most likely be repeated more often than others... Why?

Because the Greatest of All Time in any sport and at any position has a body of work to support that honor.  We call that body of work statistics, championships, and intangibles, such as clutch performances when it counts the most.

•  What if we could apply this same measuring line of "Greatness" to the billions of sports fans around the world?

•  What if we could create a measurable way to acknowledge and reward those fans who truly know their stuff from the ones who think they do?

ZeeLeeg incorporates its own Fan FICO (Fan Intellect Conquers opinion) scoring system.  Through this comprehensive scoring system the users game play is rewarded accordingly.  The good players move up the leaderboard while the bad players move down.  There is always a winner and always a loser.  Whether good or bad, your decisions will forever be connected to your stat sheet, which is on the back of your player profile card.  So with ZeeLeeg, you are in the league.  You are the player.  The question is, How good are you?

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What Makes ZeeLeeg different?

The answer in a word is

Seria \ n :  It is the six markers that must be met for ZeeLeeg to be introduced to the world.

Simple - The game itself is simple.  Everyone of all ages can play.  It does not require long hours of research to check injury reports or match ups as many fantasy games require... But make no mistake, this is not a kids game.

ngaging- ZeeLeeg gives players what they want.  A forum to instant message opponents and communicate as the action is happening. Trash talking is encouraged.

Repetitive - Much like heading for your morning cup of coffee, ZeeLeeg will be the first thing you check on your phone in the morning and the last thing you check before going to bed. 

Innovative -  Its unique game concept equalizes all sports on the same playing field.  In other words it makes playing fantasy baseball or soccer as interesting and addictive as playing fantasy football.  Players can incorporate all sports or specify any sport to their liking... and we mean ANY (Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, you name it).  Get ready world!

Addictive -  Unlike the vast majority of gaming available in this market space, ZeeLeeg does not "play for stakes." and does not incorporate gambling at all.  So what would make people want to play?  Well, we're not going to tell you what is in the "secrect sauce".  But trust me, you will want more!

X - What does the X stand for?

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What does the X stand for?

The X Factor - Can it overstep boundaries?  Can it appeal to different cultures?  Can it go global?

Question:  If you take the top 50 web domains both in the U.S. and worldwide, and the top 50 most popular mobile apps, how many are directly sports related?

Answer:  Zero

Why:  The 50 million plus fantasy sports players in the U.S. and the billions of sports fans worldwide are fragmented by the hundreds of sites that offer the same products in slightly different formats.

Is there anyone interested in capturing the attention of this large starving audience?

Most Popular Sports by Fan Base
1 Soccer 3.5 billion
2 Cricket 2.5 billion
3 Basketball 2.4 billion
4 Tennis 1 billion
5 Baseball 500 million
6 Football 400 million
7 Rugby 400 million
8 Golf 400 million

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